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Satoshi/Ryo - girugamesh - 10,000 Words - 1/1 - NC-17

Title: 10,000 Words
Author: espedairst
Rating: NC-17
Warning: voyeuristic Ryo, solo and naughty photography
Pairing: Ryo x Satoshi (girugamesh)
Disclaimers: don't own
Summary: For many reasons, photography is still Ryo's favourite hobby. And for many reasons, Satoshi will always be his favourite model; in Ryo's dungeon-like studio, lounging on Ryo's wrought iron bed, in Ryo's signature style - Satoshi, overexposed.

Other: English second language, no beta, sorry for mistakes, etc.

Satoshi's day, he mused, rarely truly began when he woke up. He usually thought that some sort of event not part of a daily routine, not waking up, not showering and not eating breakfast, marked the true beginning of his day. This meant that sometimes, when life was especially slow, his day wouldn't begin at all, so to speak. Today was not one of those days. Today began with a phone call.

"Are you busy?" the voice asked, as soon as Satoshi answered his phone, and did not bother with pleasantries. Of course, it was Ryo, so pleasantries were hardly necessary and Satoshi knew.

"No," he replied, mind already five moves ahead - what would it be today? Indeed, most of Satoshi's days began with Ryo, to the point where Satoshi wondered whether it was a normal enough event to be lumped with waking, showering, eating. But he didn't think so. True, he saw the other man on a daily basis, but it was never exactly the same as the day before. Even if they did technically the same things, something always... flexed out of place.

"I want to photograph you," Ryo stated, not asked, because Satoshi never said no because why would he.

"Ok," Satoshi said simply, hanging up immediately thereafter. He glanced down, weighing up his clothes. Black shirt, dark grey jeans. Maybe grab a jacket, but otherwise, that seemed ok. Ryo would have specified anything essential. His hair was still fairly straight from yesterday, perhaps just some wax to force it into place. Eyeliner. Satoshi liked eyeliner in black. That was enough.

Satoshi liked being so close to Ryo, too. Physically. They lived 10 minutes apart by foot and that was just incredibly convenient. Though often not entirely necessary, since more often than not, Satoshi either slept at Ryo's, or the younger man stayed at his because old habits die hard. When Ryo's front door was within Satoshi's line of vision, he saw that the man himself was standing, leaning against the frame, arms crossed and looking around absentmindedly as he waited for Satoshi. He knew it was Satoshi and expected no one else. They didn't bother greeting each other, Ryo just took Satoshi's hand and pulled him inside, dead bolting the door behind him because sometimes Ryo got so paranoid.

"Will you let me?" he asked quietly, holding up the bulky camera in his hand, for Satoshi to see.

"Of course," Satoshi replied, staring curiously at Ryo from underneath his eyelashes, wondering why the other man bothered to ask when he knew Satoshi would say yes. Wondering why they even spoke at all, sometimes.

Ryo smiled softly at him, probably thinking similar thoughts because that's just what happens when you know someone so well, and he led Satoshi down to where they always went - the basement. Such a term was misleading, it just happened to be under the main construction, down the rickety stairs and into the dark. It was where Ryo practiced playing sometimes, drum kit set up in the corner of the large, soundproof room. Soundproof and huge. It was a pretty bare place aside from that, stone walls, very dark floorboards and dim, atmospheric lighting. Of course no windows, except that there was a large bed in the middle and various artificial lights around it.

Tripod. Camera.

Ryo didn't really sleep down here. The bed was more of a prop, much like the far left wall - panels had been painted different colours or dressed up, one such panel had a deep mahogany curtain, another was lined with corrugated iron, and so it went. The lighting at that end was so dim that Satoshi couldn't even see what he was describing, but he knew from memory it existed. How many times Ryo had brought him down here to photograph the older man with these props.

They had never used the bed for that particular purpose, but it appeared that they would today. Nevertheless, it had sustained some good use - when they wanted to be deaf to the world or when they slept together sometimes or when Satoshi was louder than usual. It was so thoroughly locked away, this basement, which Satoshi was quite sure no one else even knew it existed. It was just... private. Satoshi liked it. Ryo didn't, not really, it struck him as somewhat creepy and the bed and the torches, it was all a bit middle age gothic for him, but he liked that Satoshi liked it.

Ryo motioned vaguely with his hand and Satoshi followed, light instinctively finding his face, just a sliver of it, as Ryo snapped a few frames. Relatively close up. Then moving back, lower, higher as Satoshi moved his arms, his head, pushing hair away from his eyes, mostly serious but now and then a smile would creep up on him and Ryo would duly photograph that too.

Satoshi was Ryo's favourite model by far. Ryo had done some very early promotion shots of the band, photographing all four of them and Satoshi was never tense like Shuu or awkward and hesitant like Nii. He just knew, when to move and how, where to look and how, and he could show so many things with his eyes and Ryo liked when those eyes met his own. Besides, his face was just so beautiful, oddly almost feminine, like a girl's face, but sharper, more precise.

He kept pressing the button, another 10 frames, Ryo was curious as to how the last few would turn out - half of Satoshi's face was obscured by shadows, but his eyes always glowed, but his clothes were so dark too.

Ryo didn't know how far Satoshi would let him go.

"Take this off," Ryo instructed, tugging on Satoshi's shirt. The other man complied without a second thought, carefully unbuttoning it as Ryo fiddled around with his camera for a moment. Settings apparently fixed, Ryo looked up to watch Satoshi remove the item of clothing. But that wasn't enough. There were maybe 2 steps between them, and Ryo closed that gap easily, pulling the black sleeve off Satoshi's arm, letting the garment fall carelessly as he placed a kiss on Satoshi's collarbone, then one on his neck, and on his lips.

Satoshi smiled softly at him, unnaturally bright under the lights as Ryo returned to his camera, click, click, 20 more frames. The older man moved, backwards, though never looking elsewhere but Ryo, but his camera, as he was photographed.

Ryo shot from every direction as Satoshi moved around the harsh light, perfectly aligned, reflecting the pale, milky skin on his stomach, chest, arms, neck, face, anywhere.

Satoshi paused. His eyes were almost closed, but still looking at Ryo, expectantly, the drummer took one step then two and a few more and couldn't resist running his fingers teasingly up Satoshi's bare torso, making the older man shudder. His fingers tangled in Satoshi's hair, pulling him close roughly, kissing him roughly, hands moving over his back, his waist, his abs, his pants, deftly unbuttoning and unzipping them, but then breaking away.

Satoshi pouted, it drove Ryo crazy, but back to work, another 15 frames before the ghosts of Ryo's fingers faded from Satoshi's body.

"Again," the vocalist whispered, breaking the heavy silence in such an offhand manner like asking for a glass of water, or something else of second nature. But then, asking for Ryo was second nature, like breathing or something equally simple but so incessantly necessary. Satoshi's calculated gaze remained trained on Ryo as his photographer set down the camera carefully and walked towards Satoshi, three precise steps, pulling him close enough to kiss, letting his mouth wander over Satoshi's smooth neck.

Then, taking Satoshi's hand into his own, Ryo moved them both; trailing the waistband of Satoshi's pants for a second, even though they were already unzipped, fleeting touches, running their hands against Satoshi's hard cock as Ryo continued kissing the other man's neck.

Satoshi moaned as his own hand and Ryo's moved again, pushing down his underwear to meet the naked flesh. With Satoshi's pants hanging on loosely, just barely, Ryo moved their hands faster, harder, exploring thoroughly everything they could reach as Satoshi gasped and groaned and whispered Ryo's name encouragingly.

The vocalist barely noticed when Ryo's hand moved away, but his own didn't, because Ryo kissed him again, slowly this time, with a promising smile on his face.

"Keep going," he said quietly when their kiss ended and their eyes met.

"Ryo, you're going to make me c-"

"I know. Keep going," Ryo cut Satoshi off before he could finish the sentence. The drummer knew exactly where it would lead. Hopefully. His finest piece yet.

"Uhh..." hesitantly, Ryo took one step back, but still close, as Satoshi continued touching himself and Ryo's camera was back in his hand instantly, releasing the shutter in rapid succession as Satoshi's moans became louder and louder and echoed Ryo's own name.


Satoshi pulled Ryo to him again, roughly yanking off the younger man's t-shirt, pulling it up and over his head, nearly causing Ryo to drop his camera as Satoshi all but attacking his neck, his chest, with open mouthed kisses. Ryo's arm adjusted automatically, around Satoshi's waist, tracing patterns on his back as they kissed, alternating between rough and furious and nearing violent, and soft, sweet, so unlike them.

"Keep going," Ryo whispered again, pushing Satoshi backwards onto the only piece of real furniture in the room - the bed. Satoshi didn't stop working on himself as Ryo effortlessly yanked off the rest of his clothes in one clean sweep - not much left really, just on the waist down and his pants were already undone anyway. Tossing them away, carelessly, because they didn't matter, Ryo turned his attention to his camera again, shooting a few close up, testing angles as Satoshi's hand jerked himself faster and faster.

The effects were becoming more visible. A soft noise escaped from Ryo's lips as Satoshi's back arched slightly, but the younger man did not stop his task. One click after another, he wondered how many rolls of film he had used on Satoshi over the years. Not enough. Too many, of course, but always not enough. This would be his best.

Ryo inhaled quickly. It would be his best if he could focus on the camera instead of every line and inch and curve of Satoshi's body, every moan that befell from his lips, every motion, not to mention Ryo's own incredibly uncomfortable though not at all surprising reaction. The sight of Satoshi, so deliciously exposed, open, lying on Ryo's sheets, stroking himself to the sound of the camera and Ryo's own name, was more than enough to make the younger man painfully hard, jeans unzipped and one hand touching himself.

Eyes half-mast, Satoshi was breathing heavily, exhale inhale, as he got closer and closer, red satin sheets beneath him and Ryo in front of him, camera held precariously in just one hand as he continued to stroke his own length with the other, same speed, same rhythm as Satoshi, that name repeatedly on his lips.

His back arched again, more than before, and it got louder, a lot louder.

"Ryo, I'm- ahh- I'm going to-" Satoshi didn't need to finish what he was saying. Ryo all but closed the distance between them, furiously snapping away frame after frame on his camera as Satoshi's movements became more and more erratic, until finally, he let go, milky white fluid seeping from his cock while he tried to catch his breath.

Ryo was pretty sure he captured every moment. Pretty sure. The way his eyes fell closed and his lips parted slightly, body relaxing and ever so still. At least ten more frames as Satoshi rode out his orgasm, and a few more when he lifted his head, meeting Ryo's gaze before slowly letting his eyes wander to Ryo's own unbuttoned pants.

Satoshi smiled his predator smile, stood up almost shakily and approached Ryo. First, as always, their lips met and their tongues, then with careful precision, Satoshi trailed open mouthed kisses down Ryo's torso, pulling down his pants roughly and without even pausing, taking Ryo's hard cock into his mouth easily, making Ryo gasp and grasp Satoshi's hair tightly while the older man's skilled tongue ran over his shaft. Eagerly, Satoshi sucked, harder and harder, hands playing with whatever his mouth couldn't reach, taking in more and more of Ryo as his throat became looser and accustomed to the feeling. Honestly, Ryo didn't need much, he had already been on the verge just from watching Satoshi and photographing him - soon enough, with Satoshi's head bobbing back and forth, Ryo's grip on the other man tightened again and Satoshi relaxed his throat instinctively, Ryo releasing himself into the other man's mouth with another gasp and the whisper of Satoshi's name on his lips.

Satoshi rose from his knees, a quietly content sort of look in his eyes as Ryo observed him carefully.

"Thank you for letting me," Ryo whispered finally, kissing Satoshi again, one hand still holding the older man's hair tightly, closely.

"I like being photographed by you," Satoshi could almost feel Ryo's lips on his, they were still standing barely apart, wrapped up in each other.

"I like photographing you," Ryo countered immediately, fingers still tracing secret messages on the base of Satoshi's back. Ryo laughed to himself, head resting on the curve of Satoshi's neck. "Anyone who walks into my studio can tell I like photographing you."

"Do lots of people walk into your studio?"

"No. No one but me. I don't like sharing you," Ryo looked up and smiled. "I'll develop these tomorrow, probably. Door locked and bolted. No one can see but me."

"Can I see?"

"The photos?" Ryo asked, surprise evident in his voice. Satoshi almost never asked to see the result of Ryo's photography. Of course he marveled when he saw a new piece, elegantly framed, hanging on Ryo's wall, but he never really asked to see Ryo's pictures of him. Staring at himself made him a little uncomfortable, no matter how amazing Ryo made him look.

Satoshi blushed. "No. I want to see your studio."



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